Nicholas Sakellar, FAIA designed home for sale

Nick Sakellar was a well-known architect who designed many recognizable Tucson buildings including the Wilmot Library, Catalina High School, Cholla High School, Arizona Trust Building, and the Tucson House.

Listing info Sakellar home for sale

Home designed by Architect Nicholas Sakellar, FAIA. Built in 1982.

A home he designed in the 80’s is currently listed for sale. The home is a 4 bedroom, 4 bath set on a 4.7 acre lot in the foothills of Tucson. This home is no longer listed for sale.

The Wilmot Library is probably Sakellar’s most well-known building. It was built in 1964 and utilized clerestory windows set high, with large overhangs that highlighted the horizontal roof lines. It featured large windows with wonderful views of lush landscaping. The Wilmot Library is currently undergoing a major renovation and addition that will include accessible bathrooms and 3500 additional square feet needed for the busy location. The award-winning building was once slated for demolition, but there was much lobbying within the architectural community to keep the structure intact. The renovation was designed by Nick’s son, Dino Sakellar, who was 13 when the library originally opened. The library is scheduled to re-open in late 2010.

Wilmot Library Tucson

Wilmot Library, designed by Nicholas Sakellar. Built in 1964.

This is the fifth in a series about homes for sale that were designed by important local architects. Next week will feature architect Ivan Sarkiss.


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An Arizona native, Nick grew up in Flagstaff, where he met his wife. The couple relocated to Kim’s hometown of Tucson, Arizona in 2000. Nick attended the University of Arizona and earned his degree in Engineering and Management. He also completed the Eller Entrepreneurship program. Nick has worked as a business manager, for his brothers’ restaurant in Flagstaff, and as a grocery store manager in Tucson before earning his college degree. While finishing his studies he completed a co-op program with Arizona Department of Transportation working in heavy civil construction. This led to a full time Field Engineer position with Kiewit Construction managing structures crews on multi-million dollar freeway improvement projects. Having grown up in a family of real estate agents who owned a small residential construction company, Nick’s true passion has always been real estate. He joined Long Realty Company in 2009. His strong work ethic and drive have helped him in starting a busy real estate practice. Nick is an active volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, and the Tucson Community Food Bank.
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